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Mediation Administrative Fee Deposit

Mediation Administrative Fee Deposit

Administrative Fee - Online prepayment of this fee begins your mediation reservation. You will receive mediation documents to assist you in preparation for your appointment scheduling and direct response from the scheduling coordinator to setup your mediation appointment.

Securing a DateFees
The agreement to render services is between Mediation by Montgomery and the attorney or representative of the person or entity. Attorneys or representatives of the person or entity are responsible for payment of their clients’ shares of the mediation cost. Mediation by Montgomery is not responsible for obtaining payment from individual or business clients of attorneys. To secure a date for mediation, each party must pay in advance the pro rata share of the administrative, mediation and preparation fees to Mediation by Montgomery. Additional mediation conference time, preparation, mileage, travel expenses and follow up time will be billed following the mediation. We are unable to guarantee a date before the signed confirmation letter and payment have been received from all participants.
Administrative fee: $150.00</p><p>Mediation time: $490.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)</p><p>Mileage $0.535 per mile. Travel expenses will vary (no charge for travel time)