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Fee Schedule


The agreement to render services is between Montgomery Law Firm and the attorney or representative of the person or entity. Attorneys or representatives of the person or entity are responsible for payment of their clients’ shares of the mediation cost. Montgomery Law Firm is not responsible for obtaining payment from individual or business clients of attorneys. To secure a date for services, each party must pay in advance the pro rata share of the administrative, services and preparation fees to Montgomery Law Firm. Additional services and conference time, preparation, mileage, travel expenses and follow up time will be billed following the completion of services. We are unable to guarantee a date before the signed confirmation letter and payment have been received from all participants.


Administrative fee: $250.00
Mileage: $.58 per mile
Travel expenses: Costs will vary (no charge for travel time)


Professional service fees will be billed to and are due from the parties in equal, pro rata shares unless all parties agree to a different allocation and notify Montgomery Law Firm at the time of scheduling. A confirmation letter and invoice setting forth the fees will be sent to all parties. To secure a date, Montgomery Law Firm requires that the parties sign and return the confirmation letter along with payment of the included invoice. A supplemental invoice for any additional services, all preparation and follow up time beyond the 1 hour minimum billed in advance will be billed post-event and is due and payable upon receipt.

In the event of a cancellation due to postponement, settlement, withdrawal or any other reason prior to the mediation date, the $150.00 Administrative Fee and actual preparation time along with any actual travel expenses incurred will be charged to the party requesting the cancellation, without regard to any other fee arrangement.